12 Oct 2023

New Work Trends: People & Culture

In 2024, the New Work Evolution, which will take place from 4 to 6 June, will once again focus on the latest trends in the areas of People & Culture, Technology, Offices and DIE&I (diversity, equity, inclusion).

But what is important in the area of People & Culture in the context of New Work? What is important to employees? And what challenges do current developments pose for employers?

Corona pandemic provides new impetus

At the latest since the Corona pandemic, some ways of thinking are indispensable and developments are new. Much of the focus is increasingly on the employee experience in the company. Management also has to recognise that the top echelon can no longer be as aloof as it used to be. It is about an emotional connection to the company, especially towards the corporate culture. The satisfaction and well-being of employees should come first.

Flexibility, open communication and personal responsibility are the be-all and end-all

Employees attach particular importance to development opportunities within the company and flexible working arrangements. This symbiosis not only promotes a sense of belonging to the company, but also the commitment shown to the company. Equally important are internal offers that promote both physical and mental health.

Open communication and the promotion of employees' personal responsibility increases the sense of community and ensures a positive working environment. However, this goal can also only be achieved if there are regular discussions between employees and management, not only to distribute positive feedback, but also to identify prevailing problems early on and offer proactive support.

Work-life balance, nice offices and team events create more cohesion

In order to prevent physical and emotional exhaustion among employees, supervisors should always encourage their employees to create the ideal arrangement for office days and home office for them personally in order to ensure the best possible work-life balance. In addition, it should be made as easy as possible for employees to obtain the necessary work utensils and to furnish the office with a certain feel-good factor, which automatically also promotes enjoyment at work. Employee events of all kinds can also contribute to this, which can be both within the usual working environment and of an external nature. At the same time, these measures also ensure that employees exchange ideas outside their teams and further soften the boundaries of the outdated mindset of static departments.

Such a profound change on many different levels requires a lot of time and patience, but the integration or consideration of these factors will have an extremely positive effect on the working atmosphere and the success of the company.

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