The New Work Evolution program

In our four theme worlds: New Work Stories, New Work Generations, New Work Culture and New Work Innovations, visitors can delve deeper into topics and learn from experienced trainers and coaches how they can, for example, successfully use digital tools and methods in their everyday work.

A stage with presentations by experts will deal with modern work concepts and corporate cultures, including best practice examples. In addition, the exhibition will also provide a platform for networking and sharing experiences among peers and colleagues.

Secure your ticket for the New Work Evolution now and benefit from an inspiring program to use the opportunities of digitalization for your career and your company.

Below you will find the program and the speakers. Both will be updated regularly.





The New Work Evolution for everyone

« The New Work Evolution trade fair offers an extensive program for everyone concerned with the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. Visitors can expect a variety of lectures, workshops and discussion panels from experts from business, science and practice.»

New Work Evolution Team
Information on the New Work Evolution