The New Work Evolution for Exhibitors

Exhibit now at the New Work Evolution 2023! Products and services can be presented to a broad target group and a potential clientele can be newly acquired. The fair is the ideal platform to present products and services from the New Work sector to an interested professional audience. Be there for the latest developments and innovations in the field of New Work. We offer the opportunity to present yourself as a leading company in the industry and to make valuable contacts. Register now and become part of the New Work Evolution!

Quick and easy booth registration for the New Work Evolution

Person using one of the tools of the New Work Evolution

Online registration for the New Work Evolution trade show allows you to attend the event quickly and easily. Our online registration is user-friendly and secure so you can register in minutes.

Online booth registration

Reasons for participation

Meet your target group on three days of the trade fair. With 15.000 visitors you can talk to decision-mkers from companies and institutions, consultants, architects and new work users. The New Work Evolution is the perfect platform to convince new costumers of your ew work products ans services.

Minimal planning effort due to individual and attractive uniform stand construction, completely from one source

Due to the central location of the city of Karlsruhe and its very good transport link it is an attractive business and science location with international appeal.


Package XS S M L XL XXL
Footprint 9 sqm 12 sqm 15 sqm 20 sqm 40 sqm 80 sqm
Number of available packages 8 14 8 12 9 2
Speaker slot 20 minutes (free of charge)         X X
Speaker slot 20 minutes (chargeable 990€) X X X X    
Entry in the exhibitors directory with logo, company profile, contact and linking X X X X X X
Number of pots in the communication measures (presentation on seocial media) 1 1 1 1 2 2
Package "gold" in the accompanying trade fair app (better visibality through more products and additional features in the exhibitors list)         X X
Free ticktes for customers (unlimited number) X X X X X X
Free advertising material (e-mail banner) X X X X X X
Free participation in evening events (up to 5 ticktes for the industry evening on May 23rd)         X X
Prices 4.500 € 5.900 € 6.900 € 9.900 € 18.900 € 36.000 €

Endowmnet packages XS to XXL

Booth construction example
Image: Booth consrtruction example

  • Sustainable booth construction (graphics can be reused several times)
  • Booth height 2,5m
  • Lighting: 1 Spot per 3sqm, from package XL including cross-beam
  • Carpet
  • Rear and side walls planked with plastic panels 3 millimeter (optional full-surface printing for 270€ per linear meter)
  • Cabin 2x1 meter (from package M)
  • 1 electrical connection 3 kilowatt, incl. power Cconsumtion flat rate incl. 3-fold socket
  • Daily booth cleaning

If you have any questions please contact us!

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Friederike Koch
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