30 Nov 2023

New Work - The genie you can't get back in the bottle

The diverse requirements for change in companies and their employees call for new working methods, new leadership and a new culture of cooperation.

New Work is - consistently conceived and implemented - the conclusive answer to the aforementioned requirements and helps companies to build a bridge to the new world of work. The necessary key topics such as Customer Focus, Agile Teams, New Leadership, New Rooms and Tools are combined in such a way that the first convincing islands of a New Work culture are created and gradually expanded.

And once you have experienced the spirit of a genuine New Work culture, you won't want to work any other way.

This is as encouraging as it is thought-provoking for all those involved in building a new, attractive working environment at all levels:

Agile teams with new forms of leadership working in spaces equipped to meet their needs and using tools selected with purpose... all with a completely new focus on the needs of our customers. In this way, we can create attractive and meaningful work that people really want and that they enjoy.

But what is so thought-provoking about it?

The short answer to this is: when introducing New Work, for example as a New Work Facilitator, you need real marathon qualities in order to keep the New Workers in your new work ecosystem in the long term.

Unfortunately, in many companies we see half-heartedly implemented New Work projects in which, for example, beautiful premises have been set up, but neither agile methods are applied sustainably nor are the forms of leadership adapted. This is one of the reasons why precisely these companies are often surprised that the expected effects fail to materialise, even though they have invested a lot of money.

Another risk of failure is that New Work is only practised as a brief flash in the pan. In this case, the facilitators have done everything right, but lose energy halfway through. The employees have just found joy in the new way of working, then management changes, for example, and everything changes.

The free choice of work location may then be cancelled and a new attendance rule drawn up without involving the teams.

For the New Work spirit, this basically means: "Back in the bottle!".

This inevitably leads to a loss of motivation and loyalty, i.e. a high risk of losing employees who have found joy in New Work.

This is just one of the many examples that we will be using at "NEW WORK EVOLUTION" to give you a hands-on experience of New Work.

During your visit to this extraordinary trade fair, you will experience all levels in such a real way that you will leave the event with many new ideas and contact details of your implementation partners for exactly your problem.

Karsten Franz and Victor Gotwald

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